Relative of a health bar crossword

A relative of a health bar crossword clue has been appearing in some newspapers recently, and it’s causing a fair amount of confusion among those who get it wrong. While the majority of people are able to solve this word scramble puzzle, there are many others who can’t get past the initial stage, and so we thought it would be helpful to look at how to crack this crossword clue once and for all!

Health words

Healthy is relative. As in, you might feel perfectly healthy at 140 pounds, but your doctor might think otherwise at least that’s what I learned during my last checkup. While there’s no set definition for what healthy means when it comes to body weight, several organizations have guidelines in place to help you and your doctor figure out where you fall on that spectrum.

Alcoholic drink

Alcohol is often an important part of occasions such as celebrations and holidays. For most adults, including moderate amounts in your diet isn’t problematic for overall health. However, consuming excessive amounts can cause adverse effects on your body, leading to long-term damage. In particular, drinking heavily over time puts you at risk for liver disease and many types of cancer.

Down south

The southernmost tip of continental South America, just south of Tierra del Fuego. To hit it from north to south, you’ll need to take an overnight ferry or speedboat ride; otherwise, flights connect Ushuaia with Buenos Aires via El Calafate and Rio Grande. The northernmost town in Argentina (and in all of South America), Ushuaia is also home to Tierra del Fuego National Park and Parque Nacional Lapataia.

Beverage container

A beverage container is any container used to contain liquid. Beverage containers range from disposable items such as paper cups and plastic cups to reusable insulated items such as glass bottles, beer mugs, or stainless steel water bottles. They also include food-grade containers for storing and serving beverages that are not alcoholic in nature.

Candy bar alternative

When you think healthy foods, candy bars don’t exactly come to mind. That’s because they’re not healthy. Although we might not think so, there are healthier alternatives on store shelves. One example is Nature Valley Granola Bars (they even have little pieces of nuts and chocolate in them). If you find yourself craving something sweet, go for one of these granola bars instead of a candy bar and save some calories. We guarantee it will be worth it!

American city in North Carolina (with 6 letters)

The first place to check is your local newspaper’s classifieds. This can be an excellent way to get some quick ads in front of your potential customers. Places like Craigslist or Backpage are also easy places to advertise, especially if you’re willing to do an instant sale. You’ll want to stick with one-day only deals, because otherwise people will just take advantage and wait until the deal is over before coming in.

Restaurant fare

Start by thinking about how you can include exercise in your daily routine. If you’re not fond of exercise but want to lose weight, change your habits. Do something active every day, even if it’s taking a walk around your neighborhood or doing some stretches while watching TV.

Eat often

The better you eat, and more often, the more likely you are to stick with your fitness program. That’s because you’ll be less hungry and grumpy as your energy level will be high.

Eat every three to four hours. Not only will you be less likely to binge eat in between meals, but your metabolism and energy levels will also stay more consistent throughout your day. Eat healthy snacks if you can’t fit a full meal into those intervals.

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